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Champagne celebration! March 2014: Version 7.0.0 has been released. Major new features include the Geneva evolutionary tracks with rotation, the Potsdam Wolf-Rayet star library of UV spectra, and a subroutine to calculate stellar atmospheric Lyman-alpha.

August 2010: Both the UNIX/Web version of Starburst99 and the PC version are identical and have been released as v6.0.2. This version includes major clean-ups of the Fortran syntax, improved SN yields for the most massive stars, implementation of the latest spectral-type calibration for OB stars, and the UV library previously distributed with the PC version.

June 2010: Release of v6.0 of PCStarburst99! This version includes the theoretical UV library of Leitherer et al. (2010; ApJS, in press).

September 2008: Starburst99 can run on a PC! A Windows compatible version of the application has been released on September 30, 2008.

April 2006: Ralph Sutherland updated the density and supernova subroutines, which contained serveral errors. The debugged code was released as version 5.1 on April 10, 2006.

August 2005: Delivery of the theoretical continuum fluxes for the high-resolution spectral library of Martins et al. (2005). 

Last update: August 25, 2014 - Claus Leitherer