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Model Designation (Name)

Star Formation Law


Continuous Star Formation
Star Formation Rate M yr-1
Fixed Mass
Total Stellar Mass x106 M
Number of IMF Intervals
IMF Exponents
Mass Boundaries for IMF M
Supernova Cut-Off Mass M
Black Hole Cut-Off Mass M

Metallicity and Tracks


Padova Orig. Padova AGB
Geneva Std. Geneva High   
Geneva v00 Geneva v40    
Wind Model
Initial Time x106 yr
Time Scale
Time Step (if linear) x106 yr
Number of Steps (if logarithmic)
Last Grid Point x106 yr
Mass Interpolation
Selected Tracks
lmin lmax
All Tracks

Atmospheres and Spectra


Time Step to Print Spectra x106 yr
Atmosphere for the Low-Resolution Spectrum
Metallicity of the Optical High-Resolution Spectrum
Library for the Empirical UV Line Spectrum
RSG Feature Microturb. Velocity km s-1
RSG Feature Abundance Ratio

Output Files


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