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30 Mar 2020
3 Apr 2020
Conferences Science with the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes VI
Entering a Golden Age for UV – Optical – IR Space Astronomy
We are entering a new golden age for astronomy. A wealth of multiwavelength and now multi-messenger astrophysical observatories, from space and from the ground, are currently operating or being planned,...
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11 Dec 2019
Colloquia The Dynamics of the Galactic Bulge: Uncovering the Old Populations that Formed Before the Bar
Speaker: Andrea Kunder (Saint Martin's University) Using mainly bulge red clump giants (RCG) and giants as tracers, a picture has emerged of the Galactic bulge consisting of a rotating peanut-shaped...
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4 Dec 2019
Colloquia They Came from Outer Space: Comets, Unseen Planets, and 'Oumuamua'
Speaker: Scott Tremaine (IAS, Princeton University) Comets have inspired awe since prehistoric times, but the modern study of comets only began with Halley's successful prediction of the return of...
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13 Nov 2019
Colloquia Resolving the Extended Stellar Halos of Nearby Galaxies: The Future of Near-Field Cosmology
Speaker: Denija Crnojevic (University of Tampa) The widely accepted Lambda Cold Dark Matter paradigm faces important challenges at the scales of individual galaxies, primarily linked to the implementation...
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21-24 Oct 2019
Symposia 2019 NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (NHFP) Symposium
NASA's Hubble, Einstein and Sagan Fellowship programs have recently merged to form the NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (NHFP), continuing NASA's pursuit of excellence in space science, through support...
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18 Sep 2019
Colloquia Science and Space Policy in the Current Era
Speaker: Kelsie Krafton (John N. Bahcall Public Policy Fellow/American Astronomical Society) Context matters. As we go about educating, researching, communicating, and/or supporting science, we must always...
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28 Aug 2019
Colloquia 2019 HotSci at STScI
Featuring Bonnie Meinke on Identifying collisions in Saturn’s Rings by observing the sub-cm particle distribution and Susana Deustua on HST as a particle detector.
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14 Aug 2019
Colloquia 2019 HotSci at STScI
Featuring Patrick Ogle on A Break in the Tully-Fisher Relation and Cosmic Mass Limit for Spiral Galaxies and Annalisa Calamida on A Stellar Halo Surrounding Omega Cen.
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24 Jul 2019
Colloquia 2019 HotSci at STScI
Featuring  Raymond Simons on The Chemical and Kinematic Transformation of Galaxies: A 10 Billion Year Retrospective and Carol Christian on Tactile 3D Astronomy.
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17 Jul 2019
Colloquia 2019 HotSci at STScI
Featuring Jeff Cummings on Constraining Stellar Rotation, Internal Mixing, and AGB Stars Using The Initial-Final Mass Relation and Karl Gordon on Milky Way optical and mid-IR extinction curves.
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2 Jul 2019
Lectures Our Colorful Universe: Translating Cosmic Light
Speaker: Joseph DePasquale (Space Telescope Science Institute) Vivid and fantastical images of the cosmos can amaze and astound both scientists and the public alike. Have you ever wondered how the...
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8 May 2019
Colloquia Exploring Exoplanets and their Stars with the UV Space Telescopes of the Past, Present and Future
Roughly seventy-five billion low-mass stars (a.k.a. M dwarfs) in our galaxy host at least one small planet in the habitable zone (HZ). The stellar ultraviolet (UV) radiation from M dwarfs is strong and...
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25-27 Mar 2019
Symposia 2019 Hubble Fellows Symposium
The Hubble Fellowship Program continues to be one of the highlights of NASA's pursuit of excellence in space science. More than 325 of the world's prominent and active scientists in astrophysics...
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5 Dec 2018
Colloquia The MUSE 3D View of the High Redshift Universe
Thanks to its unique capabilities, the MUSE integral field spectrograph at ESO VLT has given us new insight of the Universe at high redshift. In this talk I will review some breakthrough in the observation...
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14 Nov 2018
Colloquia On the Morphologies of Cool Circumgalactic Gas Flows: Insights from Absorption- and Emission-Line Tracers
Quasar absorption line experiments with HST have revealed the mass of diffuse gas in the halos of ~L* galaxies to be at least comparable to the baryonic mass of the galaxies’ disks. However, these...
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