Some legacy examples from Tiny Tim creator J. Krist

For all current information and tools please visit the
Tiny Tim HST PSF Modeling Page

For a comprehensive discussion of HST focus and PSF modeling, and a web-based procedure for modeling a PSF at a particular time (focus value) please see the
HST Focus Support Page

Some examples of the use of Tiny Tim model PSFs are given below, along with some links to related on-line documents. As one can see, most of my projects deal with WFPC2.

Legacy Frequently Asked Questions

Subtracting unsaturated WFPC2 PSFs
Convolving models with model PSFs
Deconvolving WFPC2 images
Also check out XZ Tauri for an example of subtracting models from saturated WFPC2 PSFs

For an overview of the difficulties dealing with the field dependence and large angle scattering in WFPC2, take a look at my conference proceeding "WFPC2 Ghosts, Scatter, and PSF Field Dependence" from the "Calibrating Hubble Space Telescope: Post Servicing Mission" Workshop, May 15 - 17, 1995. 5.5MB Postscript file.

The WFPC2 Calibration group at STScI also has a WFPC2 PSF Subtraction Page.