Noe Kains

Postdoctoral Fellow

Noé has been a postdoc at STScI since 2014, working with Kailash Sahu on a project searching for astrometric microlensing signals caused by single stellar-mass black holes. He now works on a project aiming to detect similar signals caused by intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters. Before coming to STScI, Noé was an ESO Fellow at the European Southern Observatory in Munich, Germany, and he obtained his Ph.D. at the University of St Andrews in Scotland in 2010.

Science Interests:

  • Using photometry and astrometry to constrain the masses of microlenses
  • Developing modelling algorithms for microlensing events
  • Searching for single stellar-mass and intermediate-mass black holes using microlensing
  • Using variable star populations to estimate globular cluster properties


Research Topics: Gravitational microlensing, Exoplanets, Black hole demographics, Variable stars in globular clusters


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