ULLYSES Target Tables by Region

The tables below contain targets for ULLYSES observations, broken down by region. This page will be updated with additional tables as targets continue to be selected. The full target list will contain roughly 200 objects in ten star-forming regions in the Milky Way and in nearby low metallicity dwarf galaxies.

Low Metallicity Galaxy Targets

Galaxy Star RA(J2000) DEC(J2000) SpT V E(B-V) Catalog
Sextans A s2 10h10m58.59s -04d43m28.9s O3-5Vz 20.8 0.22 2019MNRAS.484..422G
Sextans A s4 10h10m57.89s -04d43m10.2s O6z 20.9 0.05 2019MNRAS.484..422G
Sextans A s8 10h11m05.69s -04d42m13.6s B0 I 19.7 0.05 Garcia, priv. comm.
NGC3109 7 10h02m54.69s -26d08m59.64s B0-1Ia 18.69 0.09 2007ApJ...659.1198E
NGC3109 20 10h03m03.22s -26d09m21.41s O8I 19.33 0.17 2007ApJ...659.1198E
NGC3109 34 10h03m14.24s -26d09m16.96s O8I(f) 19.61 0.1 2007ApJ...659.1198E

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Classical T Tauri Star Monitoring Targets

Target RA(J2000) DEC(J2000) Mass (M_sun) Radius (R_sun) Mass Accretion Rate (M_sun/yr) Rotational Period (days) A_V (mag)
BP Tau 04h19m15.86s +29d06m27.2s 0.7 2.0 2.9E-08 8.19 0.51
GM Aur 04h55m10.98s +30d21m59.1s 0.7 1.8 9.6E-09 6.1 0.31
TW Hya 11h01m51.95s -34d42m17.7s 0.7 1.0 2.0E-09 3.57 0
RU Lup 15h56m42.31s -37d49m15.47s 0.7 1.7 5.0E-08 3.71 0.07

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