Surface Brightness Parameters from Deconvolved PC Images of Elliptical Galaxies

Laura Ferrarese and Holland C. Ford

The spherical aberration affecting the HST primary mirror (Burrows et al. 1992) can seriously alter the core brightness profile of elliptical galaxies. Excellent results in recovering the original HST performances have been obtained by means of deconvolution techniques, improved and updated during the past two years in order to suit HST data (Hanisch 1993). In this paper we test the performance of deconvolution in recovering the original surface brightness profile in the case of elliptical galaxies observed with the HST Planetary Camera (PC). We analyze whether the results of deconvolution depend on the intrinsic morphological properties of the galaxy (e.g., the brightness profile or the ellipticity), or on small variations of the PSF due to jitter, position on the chip, or spectral shape of the point source.

Pages 327-332

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