Improved Photometry of HST Data With Iterative/Recursive Deconvolution Techniques

L. K. Fullton and B. W. Carney K. A. Janes J. M. Coggins P. Seitzer

Keywords: Photometry Deconvolution Image-Restoration Clusters

Image restoration results are presented using a new iterative/recursive method for removing a linear, spatially-invariant blur from an image. We have implemented this algorithm and used it to restore Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Planetary Camera images of the globular cluster NGC 6352. The resulting color-magnitude diagram illustrates the photometric accuracy which can be obtained from images deconvolved using our technique with the PSFs currently available from the Space Telescope Science Institute. If better PSFs become available, we believe the color-magnitude diagram could improve significantly. For comparison, we have analyzed the unrestored images with PSF-fitting photometry.

Pages 296-299

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