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MAST FOV Overlay Tool

The Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST) contains infrastructure to overlay the locations and shapes of instrument apertures on images, and to perform spatial footprint queries on catalog databases. This has enabled the creation of a webservice which can be executed remotely to visualize the WFIRST Field of View (FOV), and to return catalog objects (e.g., GSC2, 2MASS, WISE) within specified detectors.

The user interface to this service is available at .

The interface allows one to specify a target name and lookup coordinates from SIMBAD/NED or to input a position directly. Once a telescope/instrument/aperture combination has been selected, then one can retrieve or display the footprint (Figure 1 below) as well as retrieve or display extractions from one of the catalogs (e.g., Figure 2 below). The portal defaults to displaying the DSS as the background sky image, however, SDSS and GALEX imagery are also available.

Known limitations of the prototype tool:

Additional footprint-service help is available on-line or via email to the STScI Archive Helpdesk .