NICMOS Units Conversion FORM

In the infrared, as in the optical, the means of reporting source brightness and the units employed have varied considerably. In recent years however, 'magnitude' systems have been used less frequently, and the most popular unit for expressing brightness, both for point source fluxes and surface brightness, is steadily becoming the Jansky. We propose to adopt the Jansky as the standard flux unit for NICMOS in our documentation and in observer- oriented software. (Abstract of ISR NICMOS-014.)

This FORM is a quick tool for flux conversion between diverse unit systems. For more information check the HELP

For observers who prefer to use python to perform flux conversions between diverse unit systems, please see ST SYNPHOT


The infos on the source spectral shape, below, are required if the input wavelength is more than 5% away from the output wavelength.
Click here for a Blackbody Spectrum.
Enter the Blackbody Temperature
Click here for a Power-Law Spectrum of the type: F(nu)=nu**(spectral index)

Enter the Spectral Index

Click here for a Power-Law Spectrum of the type: F(nu)=lambda**(spectral index)

Enter the Spectral Index