A summary of work I've done at the Space Telescope Institute.

Not Perfect

I spent the day trying to debug pysynphot. Big problem with the parser.

Posted on 24 Apr 2015


It turns out the problem with the spectrum parser was that, in part, it was calling string functions instead of methods. But there are other problems with the parser I haven't found yet.

Posted on 23 Apr 2015

Python testing

I successfully ran the Pandokia tests for pysynphot under both python2 and python3. There is a problem with the scanner introspecting its classes that throws an error under python3.

Posted on 22 Apr 2015

Double Back

The pysynphot import problem was not solved. I really solved it today (really). I ran the pandokia tests on pysynphot under python2. None errored, but some failed, which I will look at. Tried running the python3 tests, but didn't have pandokia set up correctly.

Posted on 21 Apr 2015


I solved the problem with bilinearinterp and alsp the import problem with pysynphot.

Posted on 20 Apr 2015


Worked on the problem of stsci.imagemanip not finding bilinearinterp when running under Python 3. With no success.

Posted on 17 Apr 2015

Finished Coding

I finished coding the python 3 changes to pysynphot and I am now debugging.

Posted on 16 Apr 2015

Back and Forth

There was a bug in stsci.imagemanip. Fixed it, bit the C interface problem canme back. Otherwise I spent the day converting the python code in pysynphot.

Posted on 15 Apr 2015

On to Synphot

I fixed the last remaining problem with the stsci.* packages and checked it in and moved onto updating the pysynphot package.

Posted on 14 Apr 2015

Finishung Up

I spent the morning back porting the astropy sphere changes to stsci.sphere and making sure they work. And in the afternoon I double check the stsci packages to make sure they use relative imports where appropriate.

Posted on 13 Apr 2015