A summary of work I've done at the Space Telescope Institute.

Fixed the Fix

Getting the fix to the problem with the spherical code proved to be harder than expected, because adding a call to normalized the unnormalized vector exposed a bug in the normalization code. Both fixes have been uploaded to github, but there's a problem with the merge that I still need to resolve.

Posted on 31 Mar 2015

Spherical Aberration

I spent the day looking for the error in the spherical aberration code. It looks like the problem is that the perpendicular (normal) vector does not have a unit magnitude. I will investigate further tomorrow.

Posted on 30 Mar 2015


I backported the changes in the astropy version of sphere into the stsci package and am debugging it. I also had a first look at the tweakreg code with the intent of fixing a bug. 

Posted on 16 Mar 2015


Found and fixed the bug in the spehrical geometry package. Took longer than expected, because I couldn't understand the algorithm. I solved it by bisection. The fix is in my github repository, but haven't yet merged it. I am waiting for the Travis tests to run.

Posted on 13 Mar 2015

Win Some, Lose Some

I committed the changes to pyfits and stsci.sphere. I gave up for the time being on stsc.stimage. I couldn't figure out how to convert the old style class code to new style class code. I made the Python 3 changes to stwcs, but I am having some problems with the tests. Two errors were reported on the sphere package. I am investigating one, as I have a test case. I am waiting on data on the other.

Posted on 12 Mar 2015

Mostly Fixed

I resolved the issues I was having with nosetests and committed the changes to pyfits. I started modifying stsci.stimage but need to figure out how to define a new type/class in C from Python 3 before proceding.

Posted on 11 Mar 2015

Test Issues

I spent most of the day figuring out the proper way to run the tests under nosetests. I made some progress, but still have some issues.

Posted on 10 Mar 2015

Pyfits Converted

I converted the pyfits code to run under python 2 and 3 and I am debugging the test errors.

Posted on 09 Mar 2015

Done and Done

I committed the changes to stsci.tools and then converted stsci.ndimage and stsci.convolve, which were small and went fairly quickly.

Posted on 06 Mar 2015

Mostly done

I finished testing stsci.tools under Python 3 and fixing the problems. I haven't committed the changes, as there was one conflict, which I will rsolve tomorrow.

Posted on 05 Mar 2015