A summary of work I've done at the Space Telescope Institute.

World War 2to3

I tested the stsci.tools conversion under Python 2.7. There were a few typos to fix, as well as some obsolete code in the geis handling functions that needed to ve updated to get the tests to pass. I haven't tested under Python 3 yet.

Posted on 27 Feb 2015


I finished converting the stsci.tools package and everything passes the minimal self-test. Will have to figure out how to do more extensive tests tomorrow.

Posted on 26 Feb 2015


I finished converting all the stsci.tools files to the letter l, which is halfway through the alphabet and more than halfway through the list.

Posted on 25 Feb 2015

Back to the Mines

I'm back to converting the stsci_python code to Python 3. Today I converted stsci.distutils and I am working on stsci.tools.

Posted on 24 Feb 2015

Documentation Time

I wrote some documentation for  the Python 2 to 3 conversion process and put it on the SSB wiki. I returned to converting the python code.. I lokked at d2to1 and saw  it had already been converted. I am now looking at converting stsci.distutils.

Posted on 23 Feb 2015

Call it Quits

All the Python 2 and 3 tests I planned on Pandokia now pass and I checked in the changes. 

Posted on 20 Feb 2015

Knock 'em Down

I got all the python 2 tests to work and checked in changes. I ran the python 3 tests and am looking at the errors.

Posted on 19 Feb 2015

Half and half

I found the reason why location was not set correctly. It was tring to retrieve it from the stack frame and couldn't.  I haven't had a chance to look at the shunit2 error.

Posted on 18 Feb 2015

Stumbling Around

I am spending more time figuring out (more often not) how pandokia runs than solving problems. Will need to get some help to move forward.

Posted on 17 Feb 2015

Up and Running

Was able to run the pdk tests. Most tests passed, with the exception of some pycode and shunit tests. The first seem to have their location set incorrectly, which crashes them when they are run. The second are not in the database at all. So I am investigating.

Posted on 16 Feb 2015