Projects 2009-2011

C. Christian


Pre-2009: We tested the iPhone 2G to compare with other smart phones including the Blackberry Pearl. We assessed the functionality and utility of the iPhone for applications relevant to science, education and productivity. ,A secondary goal was to understand if we could develop applications for the iPhone if resources could be allocated to us to accomplish such work (which we were not). This was the first phase of our work. Many of the applications we found useful are superceded by the new operating systems and new models of the iPhone as well as greater capability with the camera, GPS and other features. A Report describes the applications tested.

CMO Dashboard

In order to track the budget projections, spend plans and time to exhaust funds, CMO was interested in having a visual tool to represent the financial status of the projects in our portfolio. It was also desirable to have a web-based listing of the new and past funding opportunities relevant to STScI expertise - these are largely NASA Announcements of Opportunity (AO) and other Requests for Information (RFI). As an additional task, CMO was asked to create a tool that tracked our projects and also illustrated resource loading for proposals and projects under our puriew. We decided to use a web based tool to meet our needs.

We storyboarded our design, after itemizing the data and information we wished to visualize. We also desired to be able to pull the requisite data from existing databases and RSS feeds so that little or no human intervention would be required. The following components were developed:

Pie Chart


Budget Example


Kepler Spend Plan


AOs and RFI

CMO Gantt Original


An iPad was obtained to test applications for use in CMO. Numerous applications were tested and notes compared with other iPad early adopters.