by Dan Coe (ACS Science Team, JHU)

SExSeg is a new program that forces SExtractor to run using a pre-defined segmentation map (the definition of objects and their borders).  The defined segments double as isophotal apertures.

For more details, see:
Usage & Input Parameters  sexseg det.fits segm.fits <anal.fits, -c anal.sexseg, other options>

Download & Run SExSeg

How SExSeg works

Performance  SExSeg vs. SExtractor: UDF NIC3

As featured in our UDF Catalog paper (accepted by AJ, posted to astro-ph).

Now packaged with the all-in-one photometric package:

Color Measurement  Learn how ColorPro measures accurate colors across images of variable seeing
Ab6  K6
Isophotal magnitudes have been shown to yield the most robust color measurements
  • high S/N region
  • avoid contamination
  • for more details, see Txitxo's Faint Counts paper - Benitez '03