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John H. Debes

ESA/AURA Astronomer, COS/STIS Instrument Team

An example of the Interstellar Medium (ISM) sculpting a debris disk that contains small dust grains. The ISM is moving relative to the disk from the bottom right of the image.

ISM Interaction Models

In my 2009 paper on ISM sculpting of Debris Disks, I calculated some simple models that qualitatively fit three debris disks: HD 15115, HD 32297, and HD 61005. Contained here are fits files of surface brightness images of each of the models, assuming isotropic scattering of the dust grains. The headers contain information on the parameters used. The models were made using a simple N-body code that had a central star and massless test particles that served as proxies for dust particles, under the influence of a drag force proportional to v^2, the relative velocity of the grains and the perturbing ISM. The fits files have pixel sizes comparable to the NICMOS detector and have been convolved with a Tiny Tim PSF of the NIC-2 Camera PSF. Other configurations, such as for a ground-based observation can be made available upon request.