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STScI's web site has six major sections. All information on STScI's web is accessible through at least one of these sections.

Astronomy Resources
The Institute offers a wide range of information services and software tools to astronomers and the public. Many of these resulted from our work on the HST mission, others are initiatives of our scientific and technical staff, and still more will come from our work on JWST and future missions.
Data Archive
The Multi-Mission Archive at Space Telescope--MAST--hosts data from the HST, the Digitized Sky Survey, the Guide Star Catalog, and many NASA missions.
The Hubble Space Telescope is STScI's first major mission. Here you'll find instrumentation descriptions, instructions for writing and submitting observing proposals, how to retrieve and analyze HST data, and images from the telescope.
The James Webb Space Telescope is STScI's next major mission.
STScI is an operational unit of AURA, and works under contract to NASA. Both the HST and JWST missions have international partners such as ESA and CSA. STScI also works with a number of corporate partners and is interested in joining with other organizations to support future astronomy missions and projects.
The Institute
Find out about the Institute's 500 staff members: who we are, where we are, what we do, what's going on, what employment opportunities there are, and how to get in touch with us.

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