Henry C. Ferguson
I am an astronomer and deputy head of the Science Mission Office at the Space Telescope Science Institute. My research interests center on galaxy evolution and cosmology.
Current topics include:
Studies of the distant universe using deep reference fields, such as The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey(GOODS), the original Hubble Deep Fields (North and South), and the Hubble Ultra Deep Field.
Studies of Nearby galaxies, including dissecting, star-by-star, the stellar populations in the outer parts of nearby galaxies, such as the Andromeda galaxy, other nearby spiral galaxies, and intergalactic stars in nearby clusters; studying galaxies selected by the neutral hydrogen in the SINGG project; studying dwarf galaxies, these days as part of the Coma Cluster Treasury Program.
Measuring cosmological parameters. Using nearby galaxies to measure the Hubble constant, and more distant supernovae to measure the acceleration of the universe.
I serve as head of the Galaxies Collaboration for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, a wide-field optical survey telescope to be built in Chile. I have been a co-investigator on the Advance Dark Energy Physics Telescope (ADEPT) concept study and served on the Science and Technology Definition Team for The Terrestrial Planet Finder Coronagraph (TPF-C).
Henry C. Ferguson