Andy's letter
December 11, 1992
NBC Late Night Viewer Mail segment
(4th letter about 3 minutes in)
Paul's special egg nog spit take!

Elise's letter
December 8, 1995
CBS Late Show CBS Mailbag segment
How Old Is Your Egg Nog?
With surprise celebrity guest Martin Short!

Tom Walker was the inspiration for the
second letter, when he wrote via email:
From:	WALKER     4-DEC-1995 18:28:04.57
Subj:	How old is your eggnog?
The email itself had nothing to do with egg nog!
I implored Tom to write to Dave and see
it on the air. He wouldn't do it:

 Yes, but think of the symmetry of Dave
 reading a letter from Elise (and
 mis-pronouncing her name too!) about
 the same topic you wrote about.
The rest is history!