This week on HST

HST Program: May 18 - May 24, 2009

Selected highlights

Atlantis launches from Kennedy Space Center en route to HST

One of the sold rocket boosters from Atlantis splashes down into the Atlantic, for later recovery.

Rendezvous: Atlantis and HST silhouetted against the Sun

The official EVA schedule

Atlantis captures HST

Astronauts John Grunsfeld and Andrew Feustel install WFC3 on the first EVA

Grunsfeld and Feustel deal with COS and ACS on EVA 3

Astronauts Mike Massimino and Mike Good deal with the recalcitrant STIS handle on EVA 4

John Grunsfeld on the final EVA

Hubble is deployed from Atlantis following the completion of SM4

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