Santa Cruz

1st California Astronomy Postdoc Symposium

University of California, Santa Cruz

August 21-23, 2008

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Last updated on Aug 08th, 2008.


The University of California Observatories and Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz are hosting a new symposium on Frontiers in Astronomy in August 2008. The symposium will bring together outstanding postdoctoral researchers at various institutions in California to share ideas on a wide range of exciting research topics in astrophysics. Each of the postdocs will have an opportunity to summarize our current grasp of their respective field, and to identify the current outstanding problems. It is our hope that the symposium will lead to new collaborative research projects within this large community of excellent young astronomers.

The format of the symposium will include both invited review talks and contributed poster presentations. The talks will be moderated by UC Santa Cruz graduate students and be followed by ample time for interactive discussions, led by other postdocs. UC Santa Cruz graduate students will also have an opportunity to present posters, one of which will be selected for an oral presentation before the symposium. The graduate students will be heavily involved in the overall interactions during the meeting. It is certainly our hope that this symposium represents the first of many to come, each rotating annually between the various California astronomy institutions.

We hope to see you at the meeting!

Agenda and Dates

The 1st California Astronomy Postdoc Conference will take place at the University of California, Santa Cruz. We plan to begin the meeting at 9:00 am on Thursday August 21st, and end in the early evening on Friday August 22nd. The symposium will include a dinner and also a social event on Saturday August 23rd. A secure wireless network will be provided during the meeting.

People are welcome to arrive earlier and/or stay longer and work. Wireless Internet access is available on campus via CruzNet (CruzNet guest access guidelines). (Note that CruzNet is not encrypted.)


Invited (Confirmed)

Elise Furlan (UCLA - NASA Fellow)
Elena Gallo (UCSB - Chandra Fellow)
Joe Hennawi (UCB - NSF Fellow)
Arna Karick (UC Davis/LLNL)
Tobi Kaufmann (UCI - Swiss Nat. Sci. Fellow)
Juna Kollmeier (OCIW - Hubble Fellow)
Ivo Labbe (OCIW - Hubble Fellow)
Lauren MacArthur (Caltech - NSERC Fellow)
Jonathan McKinney (Stanford - Chandra Fellow)
Stanimir Metchev (UCLA - Spitzer Fellow)
Maryam Modjaz (UCB - Miller Fellow)
Klaus Pontoppidan (Caltech - Hubble Fellow)
Josh Simon (Caltech - Millikan Fellow)
Anze Slosar (LBNL - BCPP Fellow)

  • List of confirmed postdoc and UCSC graduate student participants (last updated on Aug 08th, 2008).

  • Registration

    Registration is now closed for the meeting.

    Directions and Transport


    The meeting will be held in the Interdisciplinary Sciences Building (ISB) on the UCSC campus, in conference room 102. You may find campus maps useful for getting around on the UCSC campus. Paper maps are freely available at the main entrance kiosk at the base of campus during business hours. Directions to the Center for Adaptive Optics, which is right next door to the ISB, are also available from:


    You may purchase one-day temporary parking permits at the main entrance kiosk located inside the campus main entrance, or at the TAPS Sales Office located in Barn H. Sales office hours are 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and kiosk hours are 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday. A temporary one-day permit is $5.50. Night parking permits cost $2.00 per night. Visitors from other UC campuses may be eligible for parking reciprocity when visiting UCSC. Permits are not generally required for weekend (Saturday / Sunday) parking.

    We recommend that you park in the Core West Parking Structure, which is located near both the Interdisciplinary Sciences Building and the Center for Adaptive Optics in the area of campus known as Science Hill.

    Airport shuttles

    Shuttle services from the airport to campus or to your lodging are available for a fee:

  • Early Bird Airport Shuttle
    Reservations required.

  • Surf City Shuttle
    Reservations required.

  • Public transport

    Public transportation options to, from, and around Santa Cruz can be found at I Ride the Bus.


    All invited speakers will be staying at the Mission Inn. Below is a list of popular local lodging in Santa Cruz with directions, phone numbers, rates, and internet availability for some.

    Some of these offer UCSC corporate rates; this option is listed on the above pages. Be sure to bring your own ethernet cable if needed in case none are available at the hotel.

    Other Useful Information


    Jason Kalirai (jkalirai[at]

    Marcel Zemp (mzemp[at]

    Juerg Diemand (diemand[at]