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SPICELIB is a collection of over 750 subroutines and functions, extensively documented, which perform many I/O, string, & numerical operations to make life for the F77 programmer easier.

  • General Categories of SPICELIB Routines. This document combines features of the Permuted Index and the Glossary, but instead gives broad categories under which the routines can be classified, broadly defined by the kinds of operations one is likely to want to perform. The glossary's shorthand descriptions are included. (incomplete)
  • SPICELIB Glossary. A quick alphabetical index/glossary/summary of 550+ of the subroutines in the SPICELIB library. At one point, this represented quick-descriptions of all of the routines, but over 200 new ones have been added in the past 2 years.
  • Permuted Index of NAIF/SPICELIB Routines. This document was supplied by Nat Bachman of NAIF/JPL.
  • NAIF Target IDs. Permanently under construction is a list of NAIF IDs for various solar system objects. Warning! Just because object IDs are in this table doesn't mean it is in the SPK kernel you are using! Use SPACIT or COMMNT to determine if it is.

  • How do I get NAIF/SPICELIB for my own platform?

    NAIF Home Page. Find out more about NAIF/SPICELIB. If you want to skip the rigamarole of contacting the node chief for instructions on how to get the package, read this mail message I received on how to install. Note that the supported platforms are SunOS, Solaris, NEXT, SGI, several PC compilers, Mac & PowerMac, HPUX, Alpha & VAX/VMS!

    How do I use SPICELIB?

    If you are a fortran user and program on the sun network at U. Maryland, it is easy. Once you have identified which routine you need, and check the syntax of how to use it and have put it in your code, you will need to link to the appropriate library. Detailed instructions will be posted later, but meanwhile, if you are interested in using the library, you may contact me at or 410-338-5037.

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    Let me look at the source code for these routines.

    Document last updated 97-02-21.