The far-ultraviolet dust albedo in the Upper Scorpius subgroup of the Scorpius OB2 association

Gordon, Karl D., Witt, Adolf N., Carruthers, George R., Christensen, Susan A., & Dohne, Brian C.
1994, Astrophysical Journal, 432, 641

During NRL's Far Ultraviolet Cameras experiment on STS-39, four images of the giant reflection nebula encompassing the Upper Scorpius subgroup of the Sco OB2 association were obtained in two ultraviolet bandpasses with lambdaeff = 1362 A and 1769 A. From these images and IUE and TD-1 stellar spectra, the ratio of nebular to stellar flux was calculated. The ratio ranged from 0.577 to 0.921 at 1362 A and 0.681 to 0.916 at 1769 A with the spread in the ratio arising mainly from uncertainties in the sky background. In order to analyze these images, a model utilizing Monte Carlo techniques to describe radiative transfer in a spherical nebula with asymmetrically distributed stars was developed by elaborating on previous work by Witt. This model was used to determine the range of albedos reproducing the observed nebular-to-stellar flux ratios while allowing the scattering phase function asymmetry to vary between 0.0 and 0.8. The resulting albedos were 0.47-0.70 at 1362 A and 0.55-0.72 at 1769 A.


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