The DIRTY Model. I. Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer through Dust

Gordon, Karl D., Misselt, K. A., Witt, Adolf N., & Clayton, Geoffrey C.
2001, The Astrophysical Journal, 551, 269

We present the DIRTY (DustI Radiative Transfer, Yeah!) radiative transfer model in this paper and a companion paper. This model computes the polarized radiative transfer of photons from arbitrary distributions of stars through arbitrary distributions of dust using Monte Carlo techniques. The dust re-emission is done self-consistently with the dust absorption and scattering and includes all three important emission paths: equilibrium thermal emission, nonequilibrium thermal emission, and the aromatic features emission. The algorithm used for the radiative transfer allows for the efficient computation of the appearance of a model system as seen from any viewing direction. We present a simple method for computing an upper limit on the output quantity uncertainties for Monte Carlo radiative transfer models that use the weighted photon approach.


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