Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems: Cold Outer Disks Associated with Sun-like Stars

Kim, Jinyoung Serena, Hines, Dean C., Backman, Dana E., Hillenbrand, Lynne A., Meyer, Michael R., Rodmann, Jens, Moro-Martín, Amaya, Carpenter, John M., Silverstone, Murray D., Bouwman, Jeroen, Mamajek, Eric E., Wolf, Sebastian, Malhotra, Renu, Pascucci, Ilaria, Najita, Joan, Padgett, Deborah L., Henning, Thomas, Brooke, Timothy Y., Cohen, Martin, Strom, Stephen E., Stobie, Elizabeth B., Engelbracht, Charles W., Gordon, Karl D., Misselt, Karl, Morrison, Jane E., Muzerolle, James, & Su, Kate Y. L.
2005, The Astrophysical Journal, 632, 659

We present the discovery of debris systems around three Sun-like stars based on observations performed with the Spitzer Space Telescope as part of a Legacy Science Program, ``The Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems'' (FEPS). We also confirm the presence of debris around two other stars. All the stars exhibit infrared emission in excess of the expected photospheres in the 70 μm band but are consistent with photospheric emission at <=33 μm. This restricts the maximum temperature of debris in equilibrium with the stellar radiation to T<70 K. We find that these sources are relatively old in the FEPS sample, in the age range 0.7-3 Gyr. On the basis of models of the spectral energy distributions, we suggest that these debris systems represent materials generated by collisions of planetesimal belts. We speculate on the nature of these systems through comparisons to our own Kuiper Belt, and on the possible presence of planet(s) responsible for stirring the system and ultimately releasing dust through collisions. We further report observations of a nearby star HD 13974 (d=11 pc) that are indistinguishable from a bare photosphere at both 24 and 70 μm. The observations place strong upper limits on the presence of any cold dust in this nearby system (LIR/L*<10-5.2).


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