Galactic FUV Extinction Determined Using FUSE

Cartledge, Stefan, Clayton, Geoffrey, Gordon, Karl, Sofia, U. J., & Wolff, Mike
2005, Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 99, 135

We present an extinction analysis of sight lines selected from all public FUSE observations of Galactic O and B stars. Over 90% of Milky Way extinction curves sampled from IR through UV wavelengths (UV coverage provided by IUE) conform to the CCM family of curves based on R(V), a single parameter linked to grain size (Cardelli, Clayton, & Mathis 1989, ApJ, 345, 245; Valencic, Clayton, & Gordon 2004, ApJ, 616, 912). The far-ultraviolet (FUV) portion of this formulation, however, was based only on a few sight lines observed by Copernicus. FUSE has observed a large number of diverse sight lines through the Galaxy, and a preliminary sample including paths characterised by a wide range of R (Sofia et al. 2005, ApJ, in press) suggests that CCM does not predict extinction in the FUV as accurately as it does at IUE wavelengths. We include in this poster a selection of sight lines from among the sample we are studying in search of a more accurate FUV extinction description.


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