A Point-Source Survey of M31 with the Spitzer Space Telescope

Mould, Jeremy, Barmby, Pauline, Gordon, Karl, Willner, S. P., Ashby, M. L. N., Gehrz, R. D., Humphreys, Roberta, & Woodward, Charles E.
2008, The Astrophysical Journal, 687, 230-241

We explore the stellar population of M31 in a Spitzer Space Telescope survey utilizing IRAC and MIPS observations. Red supergiants are the brightest objects seen in the infrared; they are a prominent evolutionary phase. Due to their circumstellar envelopes, many of these radiate the bulk of their luminosity at IRAC wavelengths and do not stand out in the near-infrared or optically. Going fainter, we see large numbers of luminous asymptotic giant branch stars (AGB), many of which are known long-period variables. Relative to M33 the AGB carbon star population of M31 appears sparse, but this needs to be spectroscopically confirmed.


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