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Karl's Schedule - 2000

Jan 16-18MIPS meeting - Pasadena, CA
Jan 21-22Get Married!!!! (Tucson)
Feb 4-5Steward 61" Observing
Feb 10-11Steward 90" Observing
29 Mar-12 AprJulia visits
Apr 2-4MIPS/Ball Pre-Ship Review and Party
Apr 17-22Rachel visits
May 11Steward Talk
May 17MIPS Processing Review (Pasadena)
May 28-Jun 14th Tetons Conference
(Galactic Structure, Stars and the Interstellar Medium)
Jun 10-2290" Steward/FSpec Observing
Jul 1-4Visit Mario & Judie
Jul 5-7Legacy meeting (Pasadena)
Aug 18-20Visit Jen & James (whale watching!)
Aug 26-Sep 2Tracy visits
Aug 28-3090" Steward/B&C Observing
Sep 2-10K2K meeting (Canterbury, UK)
Sep 12-13Geoff visits
Sep 16-24vacation
Oct 6-8Team Clayton Fais Do-Do
Oct 6-1390" Steward/FSpec Observing
Oct 23-27Adolf visits(?)
Oct 27MIPS/IOC Workshop (Tucson)
Nov 690" Steward/NIR camera Observing
Nov 15-30Julia visits
Dec 13IPAC Seminar
Jan 9-24Parents visits (inlaws! or are they outlaws? :-)
Jan 25-26IRTF observing (Hawaii)

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