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Karl's Schedule - 2002

New Schedule: [2003]

Dec 28-Jan 4Visit parents/brother (WA)Personal
Jan 6-10AAS Meeting - Washington, DCMIPS
Jan 10SINGS Meeting - Washington, DCSINGS
Jan 10-12visit brother (PA)Personal
Feb 190" Observing - QSO hosts/NIR ImagingSCI
Feb 5INS AppointmentPersonal
Feb 25-Mar 390" Observing - NIR imagingSINGS
Mar 1-3visit brother/parents (WA)Personal
Mar 7-890" Observing - Starbursts/Opt. ImagingMIPS/SCI
Mar 21-22PCRS visulaization software installationMIPS/PCRS
Apr 2-15Julia & Lee visitPersonal
Apr 4-5VacationPersonal
Apr 690" Observing - Starbursts/Opt. ImagingMIPS/SCI
Apr 8MIPS IOC Workshop (Tucson)MIPS
Apr 10-1290" Observing - Starbursts/Opt. SpectroscoyMIPS/SCI
Apr 14Wine PartyPersonal
Apr 26-28Whale Watching w/ Jen & JamesPersonal
May 6-7MIPS Ge/Si Algorithm Review Meeting (Tucson)MIPS
May 16-17SINGS Data Products Review PremeetingSINGS
May 24-28Mario & Judie visitPersonal
May 29-Jun 1SMT observing with JasonSci
May 29-Jun 3Jason visitsPersonal
Jun 3-7Tracy visitsPersonal
Jun 9-11SINGS Data Products Review (Pasadena)SINGS
Jun 16-18SINGS Science Retreat (Santa Barbara)SINGS
Jun 26-Jul 11EnglandPersonal
Jul 25-28Fais Do Do Trois (Baton Rouge)Sci
Jul 30-Aug 13Montana land visitPersonal
Aug 23-28CTIO/4m Observing (Chile)Sci
Sep 2-7Adolf/Uma KP 2.1m ObservingSci
Oct 1090" Observing (1st half of night only) - StarburstsMIPS
Oct 17-18Steward Internal SymposiumSci
Oct 26Red Australian Wine Party - Jane'sPersonal
Oct 30-31MIPS Science Meeting (Tucson)MIPS
Nov 4-5MIPS/IOC Walkthrough (Tucson)MIPS
Nov 4-890" Observing - Starbursts & EREMIPS/Sci
Nov 21-Dec 9Bob & Pat visitPersonal

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