Karl's Schedule - 2005

Jan 9-14AAS meeting - San DiegoMIPS
Jan 25-30Geoff and Christy visitSci
Jan 26-2790" Observing - IR supernovaeSci
Feb6/7-1090" Observing - SNUGLSSci
Mar 11-12Mario+Judie family visitPersonal
Mar 13-17Baltimore VisitSci
Apr 6-8MIPS Science Team Meeting - TucsonMIPS
Apr 17-20Pasadena VisitSci
Apr 25-May 15Bob, Pat, & Julia visitPersonal
Jun 16-1790" Observing - IR supernovaeSci
Jul 4-8Montana Land visitPersonal
Jul 15-29Manchester VisitPersonal
Jul 18-22Local Group Cambridge MeetingMIPS
Aug 25-Sep 1IRTF/SpeX observingSci
Sep 15-1790" Observing - IR supernovaeSci
Sep 18-20MIPS Calibration meeting (Pasadena)MIPS
Oct 12-15Danny visit and U. Wyoming ColloquimSci
Oct 21-24Jake and Susannah visit (Boston)Personal
Nov 14-16Spitzer Pasadena MeetingMIPS
Nov 17-18SINGS Pasadena MeetingSci
Nov 30-Dec 2Crystal visit and UCSB ColloquimSci
Dec 2-12Bob & Pat visitPersonal
Dec 14-16Geoff & Stefan visit (LSU)Sci

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