I have experience teaching at the college undergraduate level. I was recently (2011) an instructor at Loyola University teaching an introductory astronomy course: PH 120-01. For this course, I employed traditional lectures, in-class laboratory tutorials, and interactive lectures that use clickers. The material covered a broad scope of astronomy, from Earth, to the Solar System, galaxies, cosmology, and the search for life. Understanding how science works and developing skills in critical thinking and skepticism were also covered.

I also have experience as a TA in Astronomy 101 at the University of Washington, as a TA in Astronomy 110 at New Mexico State University, as a TA for Astronomy 508 (Astronomy for Educators) at New Mexico State University, and as a TA for Astronomy 308 (Into the Final Frontier) at New Mexico State University. Astronomy 101 (UW) and Astronomy 110 (NMSU) are introductory level courses that teach the basic concepts of astronomy from the solar system to cosmology. Both 101 and 110 have lab components that help students engage in the practice of science within small groups. Astronomy 508 is a graduate distance-education course for teachers. Astronomy 308 presents the history of human spaceflight from the pioneers Oberth, Tsiolkovsky, and Goddard to present day cooperative and national missions.