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Baltimore Sun
May 3, 2001
Universe of calculation

Chicago Tribune
June 3, 1999
No, its not a disaster movie, just an astronomy convention

New York Times
November 24, 1998
A New Baby Picture of the Southern Sky
June 8, 1999
It’s Time to Dream Again, NASA Says
May 25, 1999
In Cosmic Blasts, Clues to Black Holes
June 6, 2000
Why Some Galaxies Have Black Hearts
April 3, 2001
Photo Gives Weight to Einstein’s Thesis of Negative Gravity
April 10, 2001
From Light to Darkness: Astronomy’s New Universe

Science News

June 6, 2000

Black holes and galaxies may grow up together
April 7, 2001
A Dark Force in the Universe

March 4, 1998
Warped Disk Around Nearby Star May Hide a Planet

April 16, 2001
Einstein’s Repulsive Idea

USA Today

November 11, 1999

Hubbles 10 great discoveries
April 3, 2001
A supernova bursts into view

Washington Post

January 12, 2001

Astronomers Peer Into Black Hole
April 3, 2001
Supernova Observations Bolster ‘Dark Energy’ Theory

Weekly World News

February 1, 1996

Heaven Photographed by Hubble Telescope


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