Knox Long's Home Page

I am an astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute where I split my time between research and supporting Wide Field Camera 3,  one of the new instruments on Hubble Space Telescope

Research Interests:

Currently I carry out most of my research from space on observatories like Hubble Space Telescope, the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer, or Chandra


Science talks available on the web:

Duties at STScI

Currently, I am an instrument scientist working on the Wide Field Camera 3, which was installed on Hubble Space Telescope in during Servicing Mission 4. Progress on making all of the instruments installed duing that servicing mission can be found here.

Previously, I was the Mission Scientist for JWST at STScI, where we are planning to operate JWST, an a fashion that is rather similar to Hubble Space Telescope.      I gave a public talk on JWST in May 2007, which you can watch, if you are interested.


Last updated 21Sept2009