All of my publicly available code can be found at github. The two repositories listed below have been featured in peer-reviewed papers.


cjam @ github
This code calculates first and second velocity moments using the Jeans Anisotropic MGE (JAM) models of Cappellari (2008) and Cappellari (2012). We extended these models to calculate all three (x, y, z) first moments and all six (xx, yy, zz, xy, xz, yz) second moments. The full calculations are given in Watkins et al. (2013). Our code is written in C, and is an based on the IDL implementation of the line-of-sight calculations by Michele Cappellari.


voronoi @ github
This code performs a Voronoi 2D-binning algorithm on an input set of pixels. This is a Python version of the IDL implementation by Michele Cappellari. (A Python version of the code also now available from Michele Cappellari, however it was not available at the time that this code was written.)