Curriculum Vitae

My CV is also available in PDF format (last updated 11 October 2018).


European Southern Observatory, Garching, Germany
10/2018 - present
ESO Fellow
Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore MD, USA
09/2013 - 09/2018
Postdoc in the HSTPROMO group, working with Roeland van der Marel
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg, Germany
10/2010 - 09/2013
Postdoc in the Dynamics group, working with Glenn van de Ven


Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge
10/2006 - 09/2010
PhD in Astronomy
Thesis: Tracer Populations in the Local Group
Supervisors: Wyn Evans and Vasily Belokurov
Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge
10/2002 - 06/2006
MSci First Class Honours
Project Title: Weak lensing in galaxy clusters.
Supervisor: Lindsay King
MA First Class Honours
Natural Sciences with Computer Science, specialising in Astrophysics.

Honours and Awards

Prizes & Scholarships
2013: Ohio State University CCAPP Fellowship (declined)
2006-2010: PPARC/STFC studentship
2006-2010: Gonville and Caius Rhonda Scholarship
2006: Gonville and Caius Physics Prize
2005: Gonville and Caius Senior Scholarship
2004: Gonville and Caius Senior Scholarship
2003: Gonville and Caius Junior Scholarship
Theory Proposals & Grants
2017: * PI HST Theory proposal AR-15055 ($149k)
2015: * PI HST Theory proposal AR-14322 ($143k)
Observing Proposals
2017: CoI VLT/MUSE SV proposal 60.A-9181(A) (1.1h, PI Alfaro-Cuello)
2017: CoI HST proposal GO-15173 (5 orbits, PI Kalirai)
2015: CoI HST proposal GO-14235 (42 orbits, PI Sohn)
2015: CoI HST proposal GO-14155 (5 orbits, PI Kalirai)
2015: CoI VLT/MUSE proposal 095.B-0585(A) (10h, PI Lützgendorf)
2010: * PI INT/WFC proposal I/2010B/09 (5 nights)
2010: CoI VLT/FORS2 proposal 085.B-0567(A) (30h, PI Fellhauer)
2009: CoI VLT/FORS2 proposal 083.B-0269(A) (17h, PI Fellhauer)
2008: CoI VLT/FORS2 proposal 082.B-0684(A) (30h, PI Fellhauer)

Mentoring and Teaching

Primary Mentor
2015: A.T. Baldwin (STScI REU program)
2017-present: Danielle Rowland (STScI REU program & National Astronomy Consortium (NAC) program)
2011-2015: Alex Büdenbender (graduate student, MPIA)
Small-group Teaching
One-to-one and one-to-two small group teaching.
2008-2009   Part 1A Natural Sciences Mathematics for Gonville and Caius College.
2007-2008   Part 1A Natural Sciences Mathematics for Gonville and Caius College.
2006-2007   Part 1A Natural Sciences Mathematics for Gonville and Caius College.

Relevant skills, experience and service

Professional Memberships
Member of the International Astronomical Union
Member of the American Astronomical Society
Member of the AAS Division on Dynamical Astronomy
Astronomical Community Service
Referee for MNRAS, A&A
Peer review for Polish National Science Centre
Panel support staff for JWST Time Allocation Committee (Early Release Science)
Panel support staff for HST Time Allocation Committee meeting (Cycles 22, 23 & 24)
Science/panel support staff for HST Financial Review Committee meeting (Cycle 24)
Conference Organisation
2018   SOC Co-chair for Science With Precision Astrometry, Baltimore, MD USA
2016   STScI Postdoc Jamboree, Baltimore, MD USA
2012   SOC for MPIA GC Retreat, Lobbach, Germany
2012   LOC for Dynamics meets kinematics tracers workshop, Ringberg, Germany
Departmental Service
2015-2018   STScI Postdoc Representative
     2017       STScI Security Impacts Advisory Committee
2015-2016   Co-organiser for STScI Colloquium series
2014-2015   Co-organiser for STScI CoolSci/HotSci series
2012-2013   Website manager of the MPIA Dynamics group
2012-2013   Organiser for MPIA Dynamics group meetings
2006-2010   Website manager of the IoA Stellar Populations group
2007-2009   Co-organiser for the IoA Stellar Populations group meetings
2006-2007   Co-organiser for the IoA Student Seminar series
Large Collaborations & Working Groups
HSTPROMO: High-resolution Space Telescope PROper MOtion Collaboration
Gaia Challenge: member of Spherical/Triaxial Systems and Collisional Systems working groups
GC-squared: Globular Clusters with Gaia Community
Theia Consortium: member of dark matter working group for the Theia Space Mission Project
Courses and Workshops
2017   Concrete Steps to Make Your Workplace More Inclusive (STScI)
2017   Respect and Inclusion Series (Workplace Answers/AURA)
2017   Coaching and Mentoring (Workplace Answers/AURA)
2017   Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager (Franklin Covey/STScI)
2016   LGBTQ+ SafeZone training (Johns Hopkins University)
2012   Writing in the Sciences (Stanford University - Coursera online course)
2007   Supervising and Small Group Teaching (University of Cambridge)
Programming/scripting languages
python, IDL, C, php, html, css, basic Fortran, basic mysql
Native English speaker, basic conversational German, basic conversational Spanish

Talks & Conferences

2018/08   conference; IAU GA Symposium 348: 21st Century Astrometry: Crossing the Dark and Habitable Frontiers; Vienna, Austria (invited talk)
2018/07   coffee talk; STScI, Baltimore, MD, USA
2018/05   meeting; Globular Clusters with Gaia Community; ISSI, Bern, Switzerland
2018/03   conference; Science with Precision Astrometry; STScI, Baltimore, MD, USA (SOC co-chair)
2018/01   meeting; Globular Clusters with Gaia Community; ISSI, Bern, Switzerland
2017/06   conference; AAS Division on Dynamical Astronomy Annual Meeting; QMUL, London, UK (invited talk | video)
2017/05   coffee talk; STScI, Baltimore, MD, USA
2017/02   conference; The exciting lives of galactic nuclei; Ringberg, Germany (invited talk)
2016/10   workshop; Gaia Challenge IV; Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden (talk)
2016/09   conference: MODEST 16 NYC: Gas and Gravitational Dynamics; New York, NY, USA (talk)
2016/08   coffee talk; STScI, Baltimore, MD, USA
2016/04   conference: MODEST 16: Star clusters as cosmic laboratories; Bologna, Italy (talk | proceedings)
2016/03   conference: Mayacamas Astrophysics 2016; Calistoga, CA, USA (invited talk)
2016/03   colloquium; Harvard CfA, Cambridge, MA, USA (video)
2016/02   meeting: STScI Postdoc Jamboree, Baltimore, MD, USA
2016/01   coffee talk; STScI, Baltimore, MD, USA
2015/10   colloquium; Texas A&M Mitchell Institute; College Station, TX, USA
2015/09   workshop; Gaia Challenge III; ICCUB, Barcelona, Spain (talk)
2015/07   seminar; Surrey Astrophysics; Guildford, UK
2015/06   conference: Local Group Astrostatistics; Ann Arbor, MI, USA (talk)
2015/01   conference: Black holes in dense stellar systems; Aspen, CO, USA (talk)
2014/11   seminar; MPIA, Heidelberg, Germany
2014/10   workshop; Gaia Challenge II; MPIA, Heidelberg, Germany (talk)
2014/08   seminar: STScI, Baltimore, MD, USA (video)
2014/07   seminar: IoA, Cambridge, UK
2014/02   coffee talk: STScI, Baltimore, MD, USA
2014/01   meeting: 223rd Meeting of the AAS; National Harbor, MD, USA (talk)
2013/12   seminar; MPIA, Heidelberg, Germany
2013/08   workshop; Gaia Challenge; Guildford, Surrey, UK (talk)
2013/08   colloquium; Königstuhl colloquium, MPIA, Heidelberg, Germany
2013/08   meeting: Dynamical modelling of the Milky Way (Not Ready for Gaia); Heidelberg, Germany (talk)
2013/06   conference: Small Stellar Systems; Prato, Italy (talk)
2013/06   seminar: SFB881 collaboration, ARI, Heidelberg, Germany
2013/02   colloquium; Strasbourg Observatory, Strasbourg, France
2013/01   meeting: 221st Meeting of the AAS; Long Beach, CA, USA (poster)
2012/11   meeting: MPIA GC retreat; Lobbach, Germany (talk)
2012/11   seminar; MPIA, Heidelberg, Germany
2012/04   workshop: Dynamics meets kinematic tracers; Ringberg Castle, Germany (invited talk)
2012/02   conference: First light and faintest dwarfs; KITP, Santa Barbara, CA, USA (poster)
2011/10   meeting: MPIA GC retreat; Neuwied, Germany (talk)
2011/09   meeting: Astronomische Gesellschaft; Heidelberg, Germany
2011/07   seminar; IAC, Tenerife, Spain
2011/04   conference: Assembling the puzzle of the Milky Way; Le Grand-Bornand, France (talk | proceedings)
2010/11   seminar; MPIA, Heidelberg, Germany
2009/09   conference: Milky Way: Now and in the Gaia Era; Heidelberg, Germany (poster)
2008/03   conference: Galactic structure and the structure of galaxies; Ensenada, Mexico
2007/08   school: The Milky Way galaxy: dynamics - evolution - matter cycle; Heidelberg, Germany
2007/05   conference: The Milky Way halo - stars and gas; Bonn, Germany (poster)

Media & Press Coverage

2018   Science News: Gaia delivers a trove of data revealing secrets of the Milky Way

Observing Experience

2010/09   INT/WFC - 5 nights, photometry of BHBs near the Pisces Overdensity
2009/09   INT/WFC - 7 nights, photometry of satellite candidates identified in SDSS
2008-2009   ESO/VLT - Phase II preparation for FORS2 (service mode) for two runs, one with single-slit spectroscopy and one with multi-slit spectroscopy.


Details available upon request.