Evidence for an Intermediate-Mass Milky Way from Gaia DR2 Halo Globular Cluster Motions

Watkins et al. 2018, Submitted to AAS Journals, arXiv:1804.11348
Online data: Galactocentric positions and velocities in spherical and cartesian coordinates from 75 Galactic GCs.

HSTPROMO GCs. IV. Kinematic profiles and average masses of blue straggler stars

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Online data at CDS: BSS properties.

HSTPROMO GCs. III. Dynamical distances and mass-to-light ratios

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Online data at CDS: Distance and M/L results; compilation of literature dispersion profiles.

HSTPROMO GCs. II. Kinematic profiles and maps

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Online data at CDS: Proper-motion dispersion and anisotropy profiles as a function of radius.

HSTPROMO GCs. I. Sample selection, data reduction and NGC 7078 results

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Online data at CDS: HSTPROMO GC catalogues overview; catalogue for NGC7078 (M15).

Substructure revealed by RR Lyraes in SDSS Stripe 82

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Online data at CDS: Variables and RR Lyraes in Stripe 82.

Light and Motion in SDSS Stripe 82: The Catalogues

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Online data at CDS: Light-Motion Curve Catalogue for Stripe 82.