Talk Videos

Parallaxes and proper motions of Milky Way globular clusters from Gaia DR1 (35 min)
2017/06/13   Invited Talk at AAS DDA meeting, QMUL, London, UK
HST proper motion kinematics of Milky Way Globular clusters (60 min)
2016/03/17   Colloquium at Harvard CfA, Cambridge, MA, USA
Internal Dynamics of Globular Clusters (30 min)
2014/08/20   HotSci Seminar at STScI, Baltimore, MD, USA


Studying Gender in Conference Talks
J.R.A. Davenport, M. Fouesneau, E. Grand, A. Hagen, K. Poppenhaeger, L.L. Watkins
This study was conducted as part of "Hack Day" at the 223rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society (January 2014) in Washington DC. The report presents the results of an informal survey investigating the number of questions asked by men and women at astronomy conferences. We looked at the number of questions asked overall, and also investigated if there were any differences in the percentage of questions asked by men and women depending on the gender of the speaker and on the gender of the chair.


M57 Ring Nebula
M57 ring nebula
680x450, ugr composite image, WFC/INT, 17 September 2009