Marco Chiaberge

3C 270 Scientific Activities

My research work focuses on active galactic nuclei (AGN)

In particular, I have been working on blazars, radio galaxies, Seyfert galaxies, and low luminosity AGN, mainly from an observational perspective.

My scientific interests have been specifically focused on issues related to the properties of the central engine of radio galaxies, their role in galaxy evolution.

I lead the HST-3CR project, in which we obtained observations of 3CR sources in the optical, IR, UV and emission lines using HST. We also used Chandra to observe the low redshift subsample in the X-rays. Here's a link to the HST/NICMOS reduced data archive at STScI. This is the link to the website with HST WFC3 IR/UVIS high-level science products of a sample of z>1 3CR sources we obtained in HST Cycle 20.

I am also interested in studying the properties of the accretion of matter around supermassive black holes, and the origin of the radio loud/radio quiet dichotomy.

Seyfert 2 galaxies studies: we investigate the relationship between the optical narrow line region and the soft X-ray emission, and the structure of the nuclear "obscuring torus" using Chandra, XMM and HST observations.

Another research line I am involved in focuses on high-z (1 < z < 2) low power radio galaxies (FR I) and the properties of their environment. We use high-z FR Is as "beacons" for high-redshift clusters of galaxies.

See the "highlights" and "papers" sections below for more information and recent results.

News and Highlights

Our latest work on the gravitational wave recoiling black hole candidate 3C 186 was published in the Astrophysical Journal. Here's a link to the ADS webpage for this paper. Here's a link to the NASA-HUBBLE press release that was issued after the discovery was announced in 2017.

3CR-HST: here's a link to our data website and this is the ApJS paper that describes this fantastic dataset.

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