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[*] Nuclear properties of a sample of spiral galaxies from HST-STIS images
Scarlata C., Stiavelli M., van der Marel R.P., Axon D., Binney J., Capetti A., Carollo M., Dressel L., Ford H., Gerssen J., Hughes M., Macchetto D., Marconi A., Merrfield M., Sparks W., Tsvetanov Z.
BAAS, 33, 2, 798, 2001 (AAS Meeting 198, 8.13)
© 2001. The American Astronomical Society. All Rights Reserved.

We present the analysis of HST-STIS images of a volume limited sample of 54 spiral galaxies. We have already obtained STIS long-slit spectroscopic observations for this sample in order to determine the nuclear rotation curve of the ionized disk gas, and to measure the total dynamical mass within a radius of approximately 10 pc. Here we describe the optical morphological properties of the sample, derive the surface brightness profiles in the central 5 x 5 arcsec, and model the profiles with both a power-law I(r) = r^{-gamma} and a Nuker law.

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