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[*] The HDF-S NICMOS Field
A. S. Fruchter, L. E. Bergeron, M. Dickinson, H. C. Ferguson, R. N. Hook, J. Mack, C. L. Martin, L. Mazzuca, H. I. Teplitz, R. van der Marel, R. Williams, D. Zurek
BAAS, 30, 4, 1366, 1998 (AAS Meeting 193, 75.04)
© 1998. The American Astronomical Society. All Rights Reserved.

As part of the HDF-S campaign, the NICMOS-3 infrared camera on board HST was used to observe an otherwise undistinguished field approximately 8' from QSO-J2233-606. Deep images were obtained in the J, H and K filters with exposure times of ~150 ks in J and H and ~100 ks in K. Additionally, the NICMOS field was observed with the STIS-CCD in open filter (50CCD) mode with a total exposure time of ~25 ksec. Numerous galaxies and stars are detected in the images; among these are some extremely red objects. A catalog of sources, number counts and colors will be presented.

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