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[*] A Census of Nuclear Star Clusters - First Results from HST
Boeker T., Laine S., van der Marel R.P., Ho L.C., Rix H.-W., Shields J.C.
BAAS, 32, 4, 1524, 2000 (AAS Meeting 197, 76.04)
© 2000. The American Astronomical Society. All Rights Reserved.

We present first results from an HST WFPC2 snapshot survey to investigate the nature of nuclear star clusters in late-type spiral galaxies. We describe the scientific motivation of the program, summarize the data analysis plans, and give first results of some of the objects observed so far. In particular, our images reveal the cluster sizes, luminosities, and locations relative to the photocenter of the galaxy. These will yield new insight into the formation mechanism of these intriguing objects and their possible impact on the evolution of their host galaxies.

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