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[*] HST observations of NGC 6240
Gerssen J., van der Marel R.P., Axon D., Mihos C., Hernquist L., Barnes J.
in `The central kiloparsec of starbursts and AGN', Knapen J.H., Beckman J.E., Shlosman I., Mahoney T.J., eds., ASP Conference Series, in press, 2001
© 2001. Astronomical Society of the Pacific. All Rights Reserved.

WFPC2 images and STIS spectroscopic observations are presented of the double nucleus in the merger system NGC 6240. We find that: (a) the kinematics of the ionized gas is similar to that of the molecular gas, despite a different morphology; (b) the gaseous and stellar kinematics are quite different, suggesting an early merger stage; (c) neither the gaseous nor the stellar kinematics show an obvious sign of the supermassive black hole believed to be responsible for the X-ray emission of NGC 6240; and (d) the steep off-nuclear velocity gradient is not due to a 10^11 solar mass black hole, in contrast to earlier suggestions.

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