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[*] Merger-Driven Evolution of Galactic Nuclei: Observations of the Toomre Sequence
Laine S., van der Marel R.P., Boeker T., Mihos C., Hibbard J.E., Zabludoff A.I.
in `The central kiloparsec of starbursts and AGN', Knapen J.H., Beckman J.E., Shlosman I., Mahoney T.J., eds., ASP Conference Series, in press, 2001
© 2001. Astronomical Society of the Pacific. All Rights Reserved.

We present first results from an HST WFPC2 imaging and STIS spectroscopy program to investigate the structural and star forming properties in the nuclear regions of the Toomre Sequence of merging galaxies. Here we discuss V-band, I-band and H_alpha images of the nuclei. We comment briefly on the connection between the nuclear morphology of the ionized gas and the merger stage.

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