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[*] A central black hole in M32?
van der Marel R.P., Rix H.W., Carter D., Franx M., White S.D.M., de Zeeuw P.T.
in `Mass-transfer induced activity in galaxies', Shlosman I., ed., Cambridge University Press, p. 49-50, 1994
© 1994. Cambridge University Press. All Rights Reserved.

We have measured the line-of-sight velocity profiles of M32. The major axis velocity profiles are asymmetric, with opposite asymmetry on opposite sides of the nucleus. Existing models for M32 cannot account for these asymmetries. We present new models which assume the distribution function to be of the form f=f(E,L_z). Such models require a central black hole of approximately 1.8 x 10^6 solar masses to fit the observed rotation velocities and velocity dispersions. Without invoking any further free parameters, these models provide a good fit to the observed velocity profile asymmetries.

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