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[*] HST/FOS spectra of the nucleus of M32: improved evidence for a nuclear black hole
van der Marel R.P.
in `The Nature of Elliptical Galaxies', Proceedings of The Second Stromlo Symposium, Arnaboldi M., Da Costa G., Saha P., eds., ASP Conference Series, Vol. 116, p. 138-141, 1997
© 1997. Astronomical Society of the Pacific. All Rights Reserved.

The first HST spectra of the nucleus of M32 are discussed. The inferred stellar velocities exceed those measured from ground-based observations. Fully general axisymmetric dynamical models show that (3.4 +/- 1.6) x 10^6 solar masses of dark material must be contained within 0.3 pc. A massive black hole is the most plausible interpretation, strengthening the view that black holes are common in the nuclei of quiescent galaxies.

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