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[*] Nuclear Brightness Profiles of Merger Remnants: Constraints on the Formation of Ellipticals by Mergers
van der Marel R.P., Zurek D.
in `Dynamics of Galaxies: from the Early Universe to the Present', Combes F., Mamon G. A., Charmandaris V., eds., ASP Conference Series, Vol. 197, 323-326, 2000
© 2000. Astronomical Society of the Pacific. All Rights Reserved.

We present preliminary results of an HST/NICMOS program to image merger remnants in the J, H and K bands. The nuclear brightness profiles for most sample galaxies are similar to those typical for elliptical galaxies, but some (including the well-studied NGC 3921 and 7252) have an unusually high luminosity density at small radii. This is consistent with the prediction of N-body simulations that gas flows to the center during a merger and forms new stars.

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