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[*] Velocity profiles of Osipkov-Merritt models
Carollo C.M., de Zeeuw P.T., van der Marel R.P.
MNRAS, 276, 1131-1140, 1995
© 1995. The Royal Astronomical Society. All Rights Reserved.

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A simple algorithm is presented for the calculation of the projected line-of-sight velocity profiles (VPs) of non-rotating anisotropic spherical dynamical models with a phase-space distribution function of the Osipkov-Merritt type. The velocity distribution in these models is isotropic inside the anisotropy radius r_a and becomes increasingly radially biased at larger radii. VP shape parameters are presented for a family of models in which the luminous mass density has a power-law cusp rho_L = r^{-gamma} at small radii and a power-law fall-off rho_L = r^{-4} at large radii. Self-consistent models and models in which the luminous matter is embedded in a dark halo are discussed. The effects of changes in the cusp slope gamma and in the anisotropy radius r_a are documented, and the area in the (gamma, r_a)-plane that contains physical models is delineated. The shapes of the VPs of the models show a considerable (and observable) variation with projected galactocentric radius. These models will be useful for interpreting the data on the VP shapes of elliptical galaxies that are now becoming available.

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