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Black holes in galactic nuclei - Figure 4


Stellar rotation velocities and velocity dispersions along the major axis of M32, inferred from: the HST data presented in [R19] (resolution 0.1 arcsec); the ground-based CFHT data obtained by Bender et al. (1996) (resolution 0.5 arcsec); and the ground-based WHT data presented in [R6] (resolution 0.8 arcsec). Data points are plotted equidistantly along the abscissa; corresponding major axis distances are given in the bottom panel. The curves are predictions of fully general axisymmetric models [R16]. The overall best fit (solid curve) has a 3.4 million solar mass black hole. Models without a black hole (dotted curve) cannot reproduce the central peak in the velocity dispersion.
M32 stellar kinematics

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