Finding Charts for the Shane 3m

I have developed an IDL script which automagically generates a nicely formatted finding chart appropriately aligned and scaled for the new guider camera on the Lick 3m. The script may be found here: It downloads data from SkyView at Goddard and applies an appropriate rotation and scaling to match the Lick camera geometry.

The script requires the skvbatch and webquery tools available from SkyView. These tools must be somewhere in your path so that the IDL script can call them. Make sure the #! line in the perl script matches the location of perl in your system. It also requires an up-to-date version of the Goddard IDL astronomy library, dated after 2003-07-14; I fixed bugs in hrotate and imcontour and the corrected versions are needed. Then you'll need from David Fanning. Lastly, you'll also need also by me.

NOTE: the webquery from Goddard didn't work on my Mac. So I hacked on the Perl a bit until it did. Use this one.

Usage is very simple:

  IDL>  findingchart,"V1685 Cyg",/ps
will produce a postscript file named "" containing a chart similar to that at left. The circle marks the named source, while the dashed square shows the field of view of the Lick guider camera. For more documentation, see the comments in itself.

You can also use multifindingchart which automates calling findingchart many times based on a target list.