How to Power Cycle IRCAL

  1. Exit the software. First exit from the ircalui GUI. Then at the command line on ircalbox, type
        imagitron stop
        daemons stop
  2. Now go power cycle the Leach electronics on the AO rack. You'll need to go up in the lift to do this. The Leach electronics power supply is mounted on the end of the AO rack which is closest to the door leading from the control room into the dome. Facing that end of the AO rack, the Leach power supply is in the upper right corner and is labelled something like "IRCAL Power". Flip the switch off, wait three or four seconds, flip it back on.
  3. Back in the control room, go into the computer room and push the fiber card reset button on ircalbox itself. This is a small white button on the VME fiber interface card, near the right side of that card. Pushing this button will clear up any abnormalities in fiber card state left by the daemons when they shut down. (Note that this step may not be strictly necessary, as the card -ought- to be in a good state after shutdown. However I've had ircalbox crash a few times when I did -not- press the button, so just to be on the safe side I like to press it.)
  4. Go back to the console and restart the software:
        daemons start
        imagitron start
        ircalui &
  5. Now you should be able to take some dark frames and check that the noise level is reasonable. A good noise level for IRCAL is about a frame RMS of 4-5 counts for a single read, and 1-1.6 counts for 16 reads CDS.

This page last updated by Marshall on 2003-11-15