Kermit Gain

Looking back through all the GB of Kermit data, I have three different sets of variance test data, from March 2004 through May 2005. I just re-analyzed them and I get the following estimates for the gain:
2004.03.10      2.31984  0.057045

2004.06.10      2.53101  0.259411

2005.05.18      2.28919  0.093442
The June '04 data is noisier for some reason, and some of the data points don't seem to fall on the expected linear relationship between mean and variance; if I throw those files out, I can get a gain of 2.28 0.10, which is more in line with the March 04 and May 05 data.

So empirically, it seems like the Kermit gain really is around 2.3 e-/DN 0.1.

This page last modified on 2005-12-07 by Marshall Perrin.