Kermit Troubleshooting

What steps will fix many/most Kermit errors?

Press the "Reset DSPs" button in kermitui. Press the white reset button on the fiber optic card on the back of sauron. Now try whatever you were doing again and it will probably be better. If not, read on!

I get the message"Error in setting exposure parameters. Check Leach box power and communications."

First, make sure the Kermit electronics ("Leach box") are turned on. If not, turn them on. If they are on, check the LED on the back of sauron where the fiber optics are plugged in. If the LED is not on, there's something wrong with the fiber optic connection. Try re-plugging the connectors or swapping the red and black ones (though you should not have to do this if no one messes with the cables). If the LED is on but you're still getting this error message, try turning off the Leach box. Let it sit turned off for at least ten seconds, then turn it back on. If this does not fix the problem, let it sit turned off for ten seconds again, turn it on, then press the reset button to the left of the power switch on the Leach box. Sometimes I've had to turn the Leach box on and off several times before it communicates properly.

I get an error message about "NO_DELIVERY to address <some number>"

This means that Kermitui sent a message to some other process but it wasn't able to deliver it. Most likely you just need to start the leachd program. Just type leachd in some xterm. Possibly the traffic server program is not running; type starttraffic if you think this is the case. Right now these are the only two things that could cause this error, but it's possible that in the future we'll add some more components (such as the sound server) which could also be subject to communications failures.

A motor keeps moving and doesn't stop even after a long time!

Motor moves should take only a second or two for the filter wheel or focus, and only a dozen seconds or so for the M2 and pupil slides. If for some reason a motor move lasts much longer than this, it's probably because the drive shaft/motor linkage has come loose and the motor's not actually moving. Press the STOP button to terminate motion, then tighten the set screw on the appropriate drive shaft on the exterior of Kermit. You'll need to HOME the affected motor, then move it to the desired position.

The color table sucks!

The UltraSparc only has 256 colors and for some reason ds9 refuses to use a private color table even when I tell it to. For now try using IDL to examine the data or else transfer it to some other machine with a better graphics card. I've obtained a better graphics card for this machine but thus far it refuses to work properly - I'm working on it.

The computer has locked up!

You've probably hit the bug where aborting images causes the entire computer to freeze. Unfortunately, the only thing to be done if this happens is to reboot. I believe I have debugged this and it should not occur any longer, but there's some chance I'm mistaken about this.

The computer has crashed completely! Help!

To fix things after a horrible crash due to kernel panic:
        give root password when prompted
        see which disk it says needs to be checked
          (will be "c0t0d0s0","c0t0d0s3", or "c0t0d0s3")
        type 'fsck -y /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s0' (with appropriate disk name)
        fsck will run for a while.
        then it will finish; type 'exit' to continue the boot process.